Amoena Mia: A girl’s new best friend

Summer is here and like many across the country, I’m greeted daily with a dose of heat and humidity. And what does humidity do? It makes even the most straight of hair curl and for us girls, it brings on a certain “glisten.” And ladies, let’s be honest, sometimes we glisten in our bras and frankly, that doesn’t make us feel very lady-like.

Did you know that Amoena has designed a line of non-pocketed intimate apparel that MORE magazine called the “no-sweat bra?” It’s true, and I’ve been fortunate enough to wear-test a few styles. And can I tell you something? These bras really do help with the “glistening” that occurs in your bra.

Meet my new best friend: Amoena Mia with Comfort+ technology.

I’m sure you’ve heard us mention Comfort+ when we talk about Amoena breast forms and now we’ve taken that technology to bras. It’s a fabric that is built into the bra precisely in those areas where you tend to perspire the most. The fabric contains little circles of Comfort+ material (a material that was developed for NASA, so there’s actual space-age science going on in the bra!) The Comfort+ material absorbs body heat, which helps to prevent you from perspiring in your bra—and we all know that’s a good (very good) thing.

The Mia line also caters to those of us that are well endowed—if you know what I mean. Band sizes start at 32 and go up to 46. Cup sizes start at a C and go all the way up to a J cup in some styles.

The new fall collection will be in stores this August. Check out the store locator on But remember, Mia is new to the market so if you are having trouble finding it in your area, tell your lingerie store that you want the “no-sweat” bra, Amoena Mia.

I hope Amoena Mia becomes your new best friend, too! Even with its space age technology, your new Mia bra may not take you to the moon but it will keep you quite comfortable on those hot and humid days when it feels more like you’re walking on the sun.

P.S. If you need a pocketed bra, look for Comfort+ technology in Amoena’s Rachel soft cup bra.

How Comfort+ Works

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6 Responses to Amoena Mia: A girl’s new best friend

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  2. agnes boles says:

    need to find this bra

  3. Lee says:

    Visit our Store Locator to find stores in your state! We’re adding more and more each week!

  4. Charlene Pruett says:

    I never can find a good fitting bra. The problem is that I need a size 44 A and apparently no one makes this size. We don’t all need plus size bras!!! Can you be of any help? I have worn Amoena bras –style Dorothy–size 44B and it is not too bad.

  5. Lee says:

    Charlene, thanks for your comment. I’m sure it’s hard to find what you need. I can recommend two resources for you, and I think you should attempt to email them or comment on their blogs for some advice. The first is a site called

    The second is our friend, Ali Cudby, whose site even has an “Ask Ali” form where you can submit questions.

    Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

  6. I am looking for the AMOENA 0591 0591 BRA. I WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE SEVERAL.

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