Amoena Mia’s year with Emme: More than just a great-fitting bra

Throughout the last year, Amoena has had the wonderful opportunity to partner with supermodel, fashion icon and women’s advocate, Emme. As the spokesperson for our Amoena Mia Collection, Emme has helped us reach women nationwide with a positive message of loving who you are — in and out. She’s Tweeted with us, talked with media, visited our retailers and bonded with women at bra-fitting parties. She is a class act, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with her, learned from her and continued to be inspired by her. After reading her guest post reflecting on the past year, you may feel the same:

Amoena Mia and Emme

Very rarely have I embraced a relationship with a company as a spokesperson, like I did with Amoena.

At first, I learned about Amoena from my girlfriend, Alexandra Boos. She was so proud of her association with this fabulous company (that I couldn’t pronounce).

One afternoon in the summer of 2011, I sent my intern, Ariel, to an environmental product suite party in NYC on my behalf where she excitedly told me I had to meet a bra company that was totally aligned with EmmeNation. She liked the salespersons’ energy and how Amoena was a perfect fit for me and the mission at EmmeNation! Little did I know I would personally be introduced to the same company that Alex loved and adored. Small world connection—and how right my intern was!

But no matter how good or how fantastic the products are—the real reason I felt a deep brand alliance and emotional connection was the people. From the top to the bottom, at all levels. Those associated with the bras and company’s mission, leading the teams from creating the best fitting, technologically compassionate and sexy bras, panties, and Valletta tanks in the market—those people were different than many other groups I had worked together with previously.

Once I met and shared time with Amoena, I clearly saw that it all flowed from the top, starting with Phillip Spordis. It’s not hard to like Phillip. It is absolutely clear how steadfast his vision is for his team and their mission to make women feel and look good. But what I really appreciated was Phillip’s style and grace, no matter what is before him, and during my year working with the company, I saw how a real leader took charge and stood behind his troops, his employees, his colleagues. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Phillip and his team in Boston, NYC, Atlanta, Vegas, and most especially in Costa Rica at the National Sales Meeting where I was able to spend time with the entire sales force.

I grew through my year with Mia and feel like I have added important tools into my toolbox as a spokesperson and woman in business, absolutely on how to be a better leader. I saw firsthand the painstaking detail in the Amoena Mia bra production,  how the attention to detail—no matter how small—made the Mia Alexandra style the best fitting bra I have ever worn on my body to date.

The bar has been raised, and for this I am deeply grateful. I would be remiss in not mentioning the Amoena Valletta camisole! Holly Cline knows this has become a part of my daily uniform, if not another appendage to my body!  Not enough can be said about the support I feel and the layering coverage that all of us moms need. I got it going on with my “Vally tank,” as I have lovingly named it!

So, with so much more to say, I feel it’s better just to say, thank you. Thank you for an amazing time sharing with those in my inner circle, the press and many, many more women about your wonderful company and the products you lovingly produce on behalf of millions of full-cupped women. The comfort, fit and busy lifestyle of millions of women will forever be positively impacted… and far fewer women will need to rush home and rip off their bras, once they put on one of yours!

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    I love your ‘ Jolina 7215′ bra. I’d like to buy some more in various colors. Please tell me where I can find some or something similar.

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