Amoena’s Front Door

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the Amoena U.S. office for my interview. I wrote, in my journal:

It has a¬†glass front door. An enormous window behind the conference room, overlooking the one geographical feature of this part of the metro (a small but historic mountain). Natural light and air, and… it will sound like I’m kidding… laughter from inside the heart of the office. I was greeted with happiness. It felt good, there. (If it had smelled like cinnamon buns and coffee, I’d have asked someone to pinch me.)

I wanted to show you the front entry of the office, so you could feel that welcome, too.

Amoena USA headquarters front lobby

I mean, that’s a very inviting office-space, isn’t it? Even on the days when we’re scurrying around, detailing the next product launch or tweaking the length of a bra strap — which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but believe me, a quarter of an inch makes all the difference — we’re most happy to be here. Because in the end, Amoena’s about helping women regain their self-confidence, and move forward after the trying experience of breast surgery. “Forget your troubles!” we say to them. “You deserve a marvelous future, and we’re here to make that happen.”

Welcome to Amoena.

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  1. Malissa says:

    I love that you felt that way the first time you walked into Amoena! It is great to be reminded of what a wonderful company we work for. Congratulations on a great first blog Lee and Dianne.

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