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We’re starting the Amoena Lifelines blog adventure with a team of three, and we hope to welcome both guest writers and additional team members in the future. For now, we invite you to get to know us.

Dianne Armitage, Amoena LifelinesDianne Armitage was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. The eldest of six children, her early aspiration was to write the great American novel. Unfortunately, the public at large seems to feel this should be an epic, not a comedy. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996 and again in 2005, she realizes that humor has helped her deal with her diagnosis and just might be therapeutic to others as well.

In addition to her long-time work with Amoena, Dianne has written for Dr. Susan Love’s website and is a frequent contributor to several other health-related sites as well. Her work has appeared in both MAMM and Coastal Woman magazines. Dianne currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she continues to be highly involved in the fight against breast cancer. In her spare time she is trying to determine at what point you know you have too many Jack Russell Terriers!

Lee Thrash, Amoena LifelinesLee Thrash, blog-lover and Amoena’s e-Commerce and PR Coordinator. Lee has been a writer since she was small, curled up on her bedroom floor trying to name characters in her first story. She didn’t get much past that exercise before it was clear that fiction was not her strong suit, so she tailored her skills to business and editorial purposes, after earning a degree in French (naturally). She has worked in higher education marketing, as well as health care newsletter publishing.

Since joining the family at Amoena, Lee has written press releases, emails, 2,000-word articles and a whole lot of Tweets. She also serves as editor of Amoena Life magazine. When she isn’t putting words out into the world, she stays busy with her husband and two kids, navigating suburban life. You might not be surprised after reading this to know that she’s been in a Book Club – the same, persistent one – for nearly 15 years.

Shan Willoughby, Amoena LifelinesShan Willoughby has enjoyed a long, 14-year tenure at Amoena and is currently the Marketing Communications Manager. She oversees the marketing and e-marketing projects for Amoena and is also the in-house graphic designer so she stays busy creating all the marketing materials you may see (in print and online!) for Amoena products and services.

Shan received her BFA in Graphic Design from California State University Fullerton, moving to Atlanta after her graduation. She is a lover of all things “art” — including crochet, which she’s recently learned — is a dedicated Locavore and is active in the sustainable agriculture movement. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and their two miniature schnauzers, Ruby and Charlie.

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  5. Hi Shan, I am involved with a post mastectomy recovery product and would like to chat with you at your convenience.

  6. Deborah Hall says:

    I would love to see Amoena target a market segment that I am a member of, and one that is under served. I am referring to petite women with uneven breasts. About half of all women have uneven breasts, and if your breasts are small to begin with, even a tiny size discrepancy is obvious. I have long worn mastectomy bras because they can be customized with inserts, a much better solution than a regular fashion bra. But the Lara, which is my favorite bra — because it has full profile molded foam cups — does not come in 32AA. The Lara is the only Amoena bra with full profile molded foam cups. I implore you to offer the Lara in 32AA, as part of your regular line.

  7. Farrah says:

    Can someone contact me. I have an Amoena that I would like to donate.

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