Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button for Breast Cancer?

I recently bought some new sweaters because, believe it or not, it really does get cool here in California in the winter! As I was removing them from their packaging, I noticed that they both had a little envelope attached to the tag. Inside the envelope was a button. This got me thinking (and that’s dangerous!)…

pink buttonsEvery time I purchase a new item of clothing, it’s pretty certain one of these little envelopes containing a button will be a part of the mix. I can’t remember exactly when this began, but it’s been long enough that I have little envelopes with buttons stashed in nearly every drawer, closet, nook and/or cranny in my house. In fact, during my recent move, while I was cleaning out drawers, closets, nooks and/or crannies, when I came across one of these little gems, I tossed it in with the stuff I was packing because I wasn’t sure which item of clothing it belonged to and was sure if I threw it out, it would be the one button I would actually need.

While I applaud that someone at some time had the bright idea, “Hey, let’s put an extra button in an envelope and attach it to this article of clothing!” I’m wondering if I’m the only person on this planet who still manages to have buttons missing from her clothing, all the while harboring a collection approaching the size of the state of Vermont stashed willy-nilly all over the house.

And, while I may have a stockpile of buttons, trying to find a needle in my abode would be like (yes, yes, I’m going to say it) trying to find one in a haystack. Don’t even get me started about thread!

I’m always sure everyone else has figured out some smart use for things like this. They make decoupage, or sew them onto dolls to make eyes, or create jewelry – you know – those crafty sorts. The end result is I feel like a complete failure. Not only haven’t I figured out how to do something clever with all these buttons, I don’t have the means to use one when I need it.

This takes me back to the thinking part. I feel compelled to come up with some useful purpose for these buttons and feel pretty sure there are others in the same boat. I wonder if we could start a campaign called Buttons for Breast Cancer and urge the companies that stick these useless tidbits in with our purchase to take the money they spend on the buttons and donate it to breast cancer research. Sure, there may be a few poor souls wandering around with their blouses, pants or shirts missing buttons, but that’s not much of a sacrifice when you look at the bigger picture.

I have to go now, so I can try to find out how much money companies spend each year on replacement buttons. Okay, it’s not a perfect solution, but when you’re hanging on by a

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