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I was talking to a friend recently about a SurveyMonkey query I took a few weeks ago, asking about my views on what constitutes good customer service. Essentially, the survey was designed to determine whether or not department stores should be offering appointments for their customers to actually meet with a real, live person to assist you while shopping.

[Ed. Note: Most Amoena retailers do offer appointments for bra and breast form fittings, and customers find it very helpful! Call your local store for an appointment today.]

I realized while taking the survey that I actually prefer shopping online and it has nothing to do with waiting in line, or having more of a variety to select from, or even the promise of free shipping. I shop online because I am bombarded with emails on a daily basis offering me a 50% discount here, a 30% off promo code there, sometimes even a deal as enticing as $20 off when I spend $100. This all sounds fantastic until I realize that if I get 20 of these emails a day and actually take advantage of just a few, I may have saved over 100% all told, but I’ve also spent more money than I’d ever intended.

While I was pondering this, I speculated that I am not the only person who deals with this dilemma. We are, after all, consumers – and as women, most of us not only enjoy shopping, we also love a bargain – even if we don’t need it. Which gave me the idea for some customer service that would really be helpful.

woman's eyesI think it’s high time that someone offers a service called Custom-Eyes Your Email. Custom-Eyes would scan all of your incoming emails and toss out anything that is shouting about sales, discounts or any of the other thousands of opportunities “too good to miss” that hit your inbox. And unlike your typical spam filter, Custom-Eyes would provide you with a monthly tally extolling how much money you’ve actually saved by not taking advantage of all of these promotions.

Sure, I might miss the gadget that promises to remove unwanted hair, or the temporary tattoos – even the glow in the dark slippers for those cold nights when I don’t want to have to turn the lights on to go get a drink of water. But I’m thinking that my avid consumerism will still thoroughly enjoy seeing just how much I’ve really saved – that is, unless the Custom-Eyes service itself costs an arm and a leg!

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