Getting a PurFit during tissue expansion

This month, Amoena will be introducing our new adjustable enhancer, PurFit, to the members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you’ve had reconstruction and gone through the tissue expansion process, you know how important it is to have a positive self-image that can help you recover quickly and completely. To be able to have a breast form that helps to maintain your silhouette immediately after your surgery, works with your changing shape and gives you the look and feel of a natural breast is an incredible option for women today.

We have been collaborating with Dr. William Scarlett, a plastic surgeon in Pennsylvania, to test PurFit with a few of his patients, including 42 year-old Kristine. She says, “It is difficult waking up from surgery different. You know the end result will be beautiful, but you still have a process to go through before you get there.”

Kristine wore our PurFit form during her tissue expansion procedure and afterward, we asked her how she liked it. She told us, “I found that the PurFit enhancer was a wonderful way for me to bridge the gap [between the phases of the expansion process]. It enabled me to conceal the expansion process by providing a silhouette that was representative of my end result. Through fluctuating size and varying degrees of discomfort, I felt confident, I felt feminine and I felt normal.”

Amoena’s PurFit enhancer is made up of three parts that work together to bring symmetry and volume until the tissue expansion process is complete. Check out the graphic below to see how the form works:

Another thing about PurFit is that it can be used in other ways as well, such as:

  • As adjustable breast form for women who have weight fluctuation and/or implants; have had reconstruction but are not satisfied with the result or have naturally uneven breasts.
  • As ultra-lightweight breast form for women who have chest wall sensitivity, are undergoing radiation or have radiation burns.

Watch a short video about PurFit on our website – and if you’d like to check out PurFit for yourself, you can find it in Amoena retail stores this month.

Either way you look at it, the Amoena PurFit enhancer is a great new option for women after breast surgery and will certainly benefit plastic surgeons who want to make sure they keep those women happy!

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