Gym or Yoga Studio? Look great either way in Amoena Active wear

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We’ve been very excited to introduce retailers and consumers to our new line of Active wear! Have you seen it? Maybe it’s caught your eye at the gym or studio in the last few weeks. It’s good for all kinds of activities — intense workouts like cardio and strength, and gentle stretching (or even running around town but just wanting to be comfy)!

I was thinking about gyms and yoga studios recently. In my (admittedly limited) experience, there are significant differences between the two! They both benefit your health, of course — and there are excellent reasons to visit both of them regularly. I’m not saying one is better than the other. Just making a couple of observations:

Difference #1: Towels.

Yoga Studio: Neat little pyramids of fluffy white towels sit in a wicker basket on a bench, with some sort of beeswax candle nearby to enhance their ambiance. I’m afraid to touch and disassemble them.

Gym: Thin, half-gray dust cloths hang unceremoniously on the edge of the treadmills and weight machines, accented by plastic bottles of off-brand blue spray that’s supposed to keep things clean… Yeah, I’m afraid to touch them, as well.

Difference #2: Drinks.

Yoga Studio: While I’m lying on my back in Shavasana at the end of class, my instructor is in the corner, quietly brewing each of us a warm cup of peppermint tea.

Gym: “Want some Powerade?? Want some Bottled Water? Or something called ‘Muscle Milk?’ That’ll be $2.50!” laughs the vending machine, “or you can brave the water fountain in the corner. Don’t mind the drops of sweat from other patrons. Here, use this towel.”

Difference #3: Music

Yoga Studio: We just want you to barely think of it as music. If you listen to your heart, you may hear the song of a bird’s wing in the rain. Or the melody of air.

Gym: PUMP PUMP TECHNO HIP-HOP THUMP THUMP ELECTRONICA, to remind me very insistently that I can DO THIS.

Hey, it’s all good. Sometimes I need to hear the air, and other times, the encouragement over the loudspeaker. At any rate, I’ll look good in my new Active top! Want a sneak peek at some of the Active styles coming this fall? Take a look! We hope you’ll love them!

amoena active wear fall 2013

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