How did you sleep last night (with a bra or without)?

Since I’m writing this in the 7 a.m. hour, I’m still yawning a bit…. I guess sometimes the coffee takes a minute to kick in! How did you sleep last night?

amoena frances bra
The Frances bra is a comfortable choice for sleeping.

Speaking of sleep… Amoena was mentioned in a recent blog post by bra fitting expert Ali Cudby of FabFoundations. (We appreciate it, Ali!) Specifically, our Frances bra was a featured photo in a discussion about sleep bras:

There are certain points in a woman’s life at which a sleep bra might be more advantageous.  Puberty, pregnancy/nursing and menopause represent shifts in breast composition.  As these shifts occur, women can experience increased discomfort, and might find that a sleep bra helps them through the transition.  Sleep bras are often recommended after breast surgeries to aid in recovery, and any woman should follow the advise of her doctor under those circumstances.  But otherwise, the question comes down to a simple one, “What works best for me?” (emphasis mine)

Because it’s a front-closure bra, Frances is more comfortable than your typical bra during that early post-op time when you’re required to sleep on your back (no “bump!”). The lightweight cotton has soft seams as well, to minimize skin irritation. Our post-surgical camisole is another good option if you need some gentle support while you sleep. It’s easy to step into when your range of motion is compromised because of its wide, stretchy neck.

Recently, we also learned about this side sleeper pillow by Comfort Quest– created by a husband and wife team, after her breast surgery. It might be another way to help position yourself comfortably during recovery.

woman sleeping

Sleep comfort is quite important, so you can get your 8 hours every night.

What about you: How do you sleep? With a bra, or without? Did you get used to wearing one during your recovery, and now you can’t go without? What about a soft breast form at night – yes or no? Are you a full-cup woman who appreciates the extra support when you’re lying down? Or do you just need those nighttime hours to be free and unencumbered? Do you curl up with a “nest” of pillows around yourself?

We’d love some feedback (you might want to have your morning coffee first)!

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  1. I have found that my pillow preferences change over time. I used to use two fairly thick (but soft) pillows, and now I use one fairly flat (but soft!) pillow. Makes me wonder what I will need in the future.

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