I Have a Sync-ing Feeling!

I was all set to write a blog post that contained some tasty, healthy recipe – or at the very least was so funny you would feel compelled to send me a thank you note for making your day. That was before. After months and months of trying to act like I know what I’m doing when it comes to anything high tech, I finally managed to upgrade my nearly four-year old iPhone to the latest, greatest, iOS7 system.

I made the mistake of telling everyone within ear shot that I’d been unable to upgrade any of the apps on my phone because it was so outdated there was actually a chipmunk inside running everything by spinning on one of those little wheels. This did not amuse any of my more savvy IT sorts of friends. Actually, it even made people who are still using a slide rule roll their eyes.

While I was in Chicago last month, I made the mistake of mentioning that I’d finally purchased an iPad to my brother-in-law. Jim is retired, so he has lots of time on his hands. And he likes to spend that time puttering and upgrading and improving.

I, on the other hand, have absolutely no time I can call my own, so I spend my days whining, cajoling and (I’m not proud of this) trying desperately not to have to learn anything technically challenging. I can’t even say this is a girl thing, because many of my female friends can run circles around me when it comes to understanding not only what an app is, but what an app does.

So the moment the words “I finally bought an iPad” escaped my lips, Jim was on a mission. When he casually asked me if I had synced my iPhone to my iPad, I thought I still liked him. Even as I cautiously queried, “What does that mean?” I thought there still might be hope for me. I was SO wrong.

I distinctly recall Jim saying that syncing your Apple products was painless and easy. In no time at all, I was convinced he had absolutely no idea what either of those words meant, and that if it were physically possible I’d like for him to have to birth a ten-pound baby. Yes, I am a very bad sister-in-law – but I think Jim has already surmised as much.

I need one of these thingies, right? [photo credit: xololounge, morguefile.com]

I need one of these thingies, right? [photo credit: Aldo Garza (xololounge), morguefile.com]

So as not to ruin our trip to Chicago, I coyly begged off even attempting any sort of sync-related endeavor, vowing earnestly to sync everything in sight once I got home. Although Jim pretended to believe me, I’m pretty sure he knew I had no idea what I was talking about.

He was right.

My first syncing attempts ended with my iPhone’s battery being completely drained while my iPad remained exactly as it had been – un-syncable (though it might have been sinkable, and there were moments when I wanted desperately to throw it in the ocean and run away screaming)!

Lucky for me, after hearing my tale of woe, a co-worker took pity and showed me how to attach my iPhone to a computer and download the new operating system (that’s an OS for those of you I can still impress with my vast computer knowledge – which I’m thinking is pretty much no one).

Although the screen told us it was going to take four hours to download, it actually only took about two (what a miracle of modern technology). The end result? Now I have icons I can’t identify, apps I can’t understand and friends I can’t call because I don’t know how to import their information.

I think this definitely calls for a bit of lip-syncing … @#%^&*+! … if you get my drift!

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