Lingerie as Poetry!

The homepage of the Lingerie Briefs blog prominently features its mission statement, which includes a fantastic quotation from founder, Ellen Lewis:

Amoena Mia: Alexandra T-shirt Bra in gorgeous Chocolate/Cherry“Lingerie is the poetry in a woman’s wardrobe.”

Don’t you love that? We do. (And if lingerie is poetry, we would call Amoena Mia positively Shakespearean for its sophistication. We might be slightly biased. Ahem.)

If you’re looking for an objective, third-party review instead, Lingerie Briefs has provided it this week: Ali Cudby’s column focuses on “revolutionary changes in the intimates market,” and she has good things to say in Stay Cool ~ Amoena Mia

We’ll be studying up on sonnets and cinquains in the meantime.

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