Meet Amoena Ambassador Carletta Cunningham

Let’s get to know our — yourAmoena Ambassadors. Going in alphabetical order, we’ll start with Carletta, age 42, from Austell, Georgia.

amoena ambassador carletta cunninghamAmoena: What was your first reaction when you knew you were a finalist?
Carletta: I was extremely excited to have an opportunity to speak with Malissa. When I got the news that I’d been named one of the winners, I was driving in my car.  I was at a stoplight and very exuberantly displayed my joy in the car. I was tickled PINK (no pun intended) to learn that I’d been named one of the winners.

Amoena: Who supports you the most?
Carletta: My mother is my biggest fan and supporter. In addition to my mom, I’ve been extremely blessed and fortunate to have a strong support system that extends to and beyond family and friends to virtual friends with whom I’ve bonded through social media. I have an incredible support system that has always encouraged me to find an inner strength. Metaphorically, they’ve held me up on many a day when I felt less inclined than ever to stand. I’m so incredibly grateful for my family. It’s undeniable that my support system has been and continues to be a lifeline.

Amoena: Just for fun, what’s your favorite meal?
Carletta: Prior to my diagnosis, I would have answered ‘Mexican.’ Since completion of chemotherapy, I have been seeking to improve my diet in many ways. I still love Mexican food and would find it challenging to turn down a quesadilla (lol). However, I realize a better choice would include good protein and veggies like salmon and spinach or a roasted veggie sandwich.

Amoena: How about your favorite TV show?
Carletta: Admittedly, I’m a bit of a TV junkie. I probably have a favorite or two in every genre. If I had to choose one overall favorite from current shows, it would be a tie between Scandal and Modern Family. I could very easily name at least ten shows that I watch regularly enough to record them in an effort to not miss an episode.

Amoena: What’s the most recent book you read?
Carletta: Waking the Warrior Goddess by Dr. Christine Horner

Amoena: What do you do to relax?
Carletta: I pray to relax. The quiet time with God helps me to rejuvenate and restore my faith. I also enjoy playing tennis. There is nothing quite like a fun, healthy dose of competition to help me relax. Swimming is new for me. But, it’s really therapeutic and relaxing as well.

Amoena: What do you most look forward to about working with us?
Carletta: Being named an Amoena ambassador provides another platform from which to build and raise awareness. I take pride in the title SURVIVOR and will never take it lightly or for granted. Over the past six months, I’ve been deliberate about capturing my journey in pictures, especially during chemo. It was a time to show my vulnerability but also my strength. I know the photo shoot will be especially fun for me. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. Of course, I’m going to relate, relax and release during the spa day activities. I guess it boils down to this – I am looking forward to it all – the entire experience! I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

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