Meet Amoena Ambassador Eden Lackey

It’s so fun to get to know the new Amoena Ambassadors! This is Eden Lackey, 36, from Austin, Texas.

amoena ambassador eden lackeyAmoena: What was your first reaction when you knew you were a finalist?
Eden: I was incredibly excited I was chosen for this opportunity. At the same time it was humbling. As I know I am representing a community of women that are fighting to survive.

Amoena: Who supports you the most?
Eden: My biggest supporters, let me count the ways! I am so very blessed with an amazing support system. But my mom and my little brother if I had to choose.

Amoena: Just for fun, what’s your favorite meal?
Eden: My favorite meal at this very moment is rice and curry. But that can change at any moment!

Amoena: How about your favorite TV show?
Eden: My favorite TV show is Ellen. She is my idol! When I was sick that was one hour out of my day I could put a smile on my face and take the focus off my pain and sickness.

Amoena: What’s the most recent book you read?
Eden: The most recent book I read is a fantasy fiction called Graceling. It is about a strong woman navigating a very challenging and male dominated environment, finding love along the way.

Amoena: What do you do to relax?
Eden: My favorite way to relax, when my body allows, is playing the guitar and yoga. I am terrible at both, but they are so very therapeutic for me. Oh and music! Music feeds the soul!

Amoena: What do you most look forward to about working with us?
Eden: Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer I have wanted nothing more than to help others by showing them what strength and perseverance looks like. I have felt a huge drive and passion for making it my life’s mission to uplift and inspire women. This opportunity will help me do that.

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