Mission: Strength — Announcing our winners!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our winners for the Amoena Mission Strength essay contest!

Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson


Carletta Cunningham


Eden Lackey

Congratulations to Ginger, Carletta and Eden!

We received more than 70 entries for this competition, and every single one moved us. Thank you for your participation and support of our contest! We know you must have shared the news and encouraged your friends to sign up, and we are very grateful. We have been introduced to a lot of new faces who are out there, making a difference in their local communities and the wider breast cancer survivorship circle.

Our interviews with the finalists revealed  women who are:

  • lobbying for laws to change
  • writing books about their experiences
  • returning to school to become nurses, teachers, advocates
  • running non-profits and new businesses
  • treasuring the small but important moments with family and friends
  • blogging about it
  • running, climbing, walking, cycling, tri-athleting, kayaking, and staying healthy
  • proudly telling their tales in support groups

All of them have made the courageous decision to use their breast cancer journeys to help other women.

This is strength. This is beautiful.

Congratulations and best wishes to every participant. You will be hearing from us! We are honored to know your stories and we can’t wait to share more about our new Amoena Ambassadors — and to honor the Young Survival Coalition, as well! Stay tuned!

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