On Contact: Amoena’s adhesive breast form works with you

Don’t miss our short video, about wearing Amoena Contact adhesive breast forms. The model in the film is breast cancer survivor and Contact wearer, Beatte.


[Transcript: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer my life changed. I was sensitive to the changes my body had gone through and wearing a breast form felt strange.

But now, with Amoena Contact, I wake up ready to take on each and every day.

The skin preparation tonic removes dry skin and natural oils.  Preparing the skin’s surface.

The back of the breast form is designed with a special adhesive. The adhesive adheres securely to the skin’s surface, for a perfect fit.

I like that it feels like a part of me. I enjoy the morning moments and reflecting on the day that lies ahead.  I can rely on my Contact breast form every day. The secure fit gives me the freedom and self-confidence to take on new challenges.

Contact offers me even more comfort because of a special temperature equalizing feature, Comfort+. No matter what I do, or how active I am the breast form feels natural with every move I make.

Every day I take some time to relax, and listen to my body… refocusing on the rest of the day…like what to wear to dinner! I have a wider range of fashion choices – from low cut tops to strapless dresses.

Thanks to my Amoena Contact, I often forget I am wearing a breast form.

I feel confident in every aspect of my life, and every situation.

I enjoy the simple things…like a quiet dinner…

Life has taken on a whole new meaning.

Washing my breast form has become a part of my daily routine, just like taking off my makeup and brushing my teeth.

Washing the form every night will remove dead skin cells and natural oils that might have built up over the day. Clean the breast form daily with the specially formulated Soft Cleanser. Use a circular motion and a decent amount of pressure. Dry the cup side before storing the form.

After removing the form I use the skin balancing gel crème. I care for my Contact breast form like any other part of my body.

Amoena’s Contact breast form has allowed me to discover a whole new sense of freedom.]


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