Pinterest -aholics welcome.

Pinterest | AmoenaHello. My name is Shan and I’m a Pinterest-aholic.

Oh, the lovely photos of crafts, DIY projects, interiors and, of course, food pull me in night after night. I can’t get enough searching for pretty pictures, repining pretty pictures, liking pretty pictures—there is just so much eye-candy! And I’m not alone, everyone’s doing it. According to a recent Technorati article, in December, Pinterest (which you need an invitation to “join”) received nearly 11 million visitors in one week—almost 40 times more visitors than they recorded six months earlier. Are you one of the 11 million? It’s OK to admit it.

Why do I love Pinterest so? Here are my 5 reasons:

  1. I love to be inspired. And Pinterest offers an environment of non-stop inspiration.
  2. I love creating order out of chaos. I use my boards as “filing cabinets” to file away my inspirations and reference them in the future – like on a cold rainy Saturday when I find myself with some downtime and decide to get creative.
  3. I love sharing and making new friends. Sharing ideas and experiences is a big part of our human nature and the web is a haven for sharing not just with our “friends” but with the world.
  4. I love the thrill of “likes” and “repins”. Who doesn’t?
  5. I love pretty pictures. And that says it all.

If you, too, think you might have a Pinterest addiction, check out these possible “symptoms” from Digital Mom, Molly Thornberg. A few may sound very familiar.

But in the meantime let’s inspire each other, share and be friends—and if those are addictions, then, well, there’s no better addict to be than a Pinterest-aholic.

Follow Amoena on Pinterest and we’ll follow you back. If you need an invitation, send us a note and we’ll try our best to get one out to you.

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