Surviving Swimwear Season

Amoena Tankini

Amoena swimwear is designed to fit and flatter all body shapes. This is the Edinburgh Tankini, available in sizes 6-16. It also comes in red.

It’s the first of March and spring is right around the corner which means so is spring break and swimsuit season–that time of year when we shriek in terror, run to the gym, go shopping and cross our fingers that we can find a suit that fits and flatters. Really, is that too much to ask for? A swimsuit that makes us feel comfortable in our bodies?

According to Glamour magazine, the average woman wears a size 14 swimsuit. Knowing this should take some of the sting out of swimsuit buying, right? It’s good to know that most of the women at the pool or beach with me are not a size 2. But still, the process of buying a new swimsuit is just no fun, so here are a few things to remember that may make the experience a little easier.

You are your own worst enemy.

For the sake of an anxiety-free swimsuit buying experience, it’s important to remember that we are our worst critic. We put on a swimsuit and all our perceived body flaws become magnified. To help relieve the anxiety, make your swimsuit shopping day a “girls day out.” Take along a friend you trust–someone who knows you and will tell you like it is. Don’t take what she says personally, stay objective and take your time. Obviously, at the end of it all, you should feel confident in your new swimsuit, so the suit you find should fit well and flatter your body.

You get what you pay for.

Like a good bra, swimsuits cost money. With the popularity of indoor gym pools and water aerobics, swimming is now a year round activity. Because of this, purchasing a swimsuit that lasts for more than one summer season may be in order. Pay close attention to workmanship: seams that are flat, linings that fit tightly against the outer fabric, body shaping features, and fabric enhancements like Xtra Life LYCRA, found in many of the Amoena swimsuits. Xtra Life LYCRA helps the suit keep it’s shape and resists the bagging and sagging that can occur. It also has high chlorine resistance. All these quality features may cost more money, but you’ll know you’re getting a suit that lasts.

Take good care.

Proper care of your swimsuit will ensure a longer life for the suit (and more time between buying trips!). You should always hand wash your suit with a delicates wash after each wear to remove salt water and chlorine, gently squeeze out the excess water and lay flat to dry. This will make your suit happy and a happy suit = a happy you!

If you’ve had breast surgery and wear a breast form, buying a swimsuit can seem like a particularly daunting task. But Amoena has some beautiful new styles for you and a size range of 6 to 22. Features such as high underarms, a flattering leg height, and pockets to hold a breast form (or swim form) securely in place, create peace of mind.

The nice thing about Amoena swimwear is that it’s designed for everyone and if you took a poll of Amoena employees, you’d find that most of us own one or more Amoena suits because they truly do fit and flatter.

View our 2012 Swimwear Collection catalog online. The Collection is hitting stores now, so check out the Store Locator to find an Amoena retailer in your area. They’ll make sure your swimsuit buying experience is a happy one and you leave with a suit designed just for you.


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