Taking a Swing at Breast Cancer

I stumbled upon a You Tube posting last week that really took me back, or maybe that’s back and forth! A young man by the name of Jeff Waldman is attempting to change the world for the better one swing at a time.

Jeff and his team are taking old pianos and using the wood to create swings. It’s all quite uncomplicated. They simply use the wood planks, drill a couple of holes, insert rope – and voila – a swing is born.

To date they have installations in the Marshall Islands, San Francisco, Panama and, most recently, Los Angeles. Waldman, who lives in San Francisco, took his inspiration from Parisian artist Jerome G. Demuth, calling these flights of fancy “part of an ongoing Happiness Project aimed at a loss of youth.” I say happiness projects can also help us recapture our lost innocence when something bad has happened, like a breast cancer diagnosis or ongoing chemo treatments.

I don’t know about you, but as a kid one of my favorite pastimes was sitting in a swing and seeing how high I could go. I was fearless back then. Do you remember going really high and then bailing out of the swing? It’s a wonder there weren’t more broken bones.

Here is a short video showing some of the recent installations created in Los Angeles. I thought sharing this with you might be a nice way to kick off summer. I hope it gives you a glimpse of health, wonder, and a bit of your childhood: 

Perhaps a few brave souls will be inspired to actually go outside and spend some time on the nearest swing set. How about you? I’ll give you a push …

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