Warm up with Amoena Scarves and Hats

It’s finally starting to get cold and wintery (sort-of) here in the Atlanta area where Amoena USA’s headquarters is located. Is it cold where you are? “Cold,” in our case, is 30s at night, and I have to say, I’m grateful for it. It doesn’t quite feel like the end of December when it’s short-sleeves weather in the middle of the day (60 yesterday)! It’s beautiful, yes, but just not very seasonal — and there’s something about a crisp breeze that gives me an energy boost.

Amoena headscarf Orchid If you’re going through chemo and losing your hair, though, cold weather is probably not a welcome occassion. A lot of women don’t know that Amoena makes beautiful headscarves, hats and turbans. Sure, you can wear your baseball cap… but sometimes you might want to change it up. We have elegant options, like this Silk Embroidered Long Scarf, or very casual styles, like Jonquil, our taupe Cap with a short sash.

We also have some specifically for winter sleeping, with smooth seams and made in jersey cotton and in bamboo.

Ask your local Amoena retailer to stock these scarves this winter. And as we head into the New Year’s weekend, we wish you a very warm heart, as well. We’ll be back in 2012!

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  1. Susan Heimbigner says:

    I founded and manage The Sparkle Caps Project, through which women are uplifted and empowered through gift bags. (Check out on Facebook) I have an envelope – “Heads Up” – that contains miscy. info., and I would love to include a card from Amoena in each gift bag. There is so much information on your site. The average giveaway is 12 bags a month, but in Aug., 21 sponsored gift bags were given out and 20 were given out in Feb. The address for myself and project is 921 Pelham Drive, Sumter, SC 29154. Thank you for considering my request.

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