When Survivors Unite

amoena's #missionstrength ambassadors 2014There’s an unseen power that can be felt when survivors come together to support each other. It’s an energy that is heartfelt and has the ability to create instant friendships full of life and laughter.

When I first met Carletta and Eden, the other Amoena Mission:Strength Ambassadors, the combined energy was off the charts. These amazing women radiated a love for life and a determination that was palatable. Within a matter of minutes we bonded and felt the powerful sisterhood that unites those who have overcome a common enemy. In this case: breast cancer.

To say that our experience with the Amoena team was incredible would be an understatement. It was illuminating.

From the first day we arrived to the day we left, our hearts were filled with a goodness that could only come from those who are truly behind the cause of helping women feel strong during trials and celebrating the gift of resiliency that is within each of us.

The Amoena team was absolutely fantastic and being able to model new clothing lines, swim wear and lingerie was amazing. The quality and attention to detail of each piece was evident and we all commented about how we loved the soft fabric used for the active wear and leisure wear.

I think that’s what I love the most about the Amoena brand – the attention to the little things that truly matter to women: flattering styles, a comfort fit, soft but durable fabric and clothing that allows you to feel feminine but powerful.

I am personally grateful for Amoena’s efforts to support breast cancer survivors. ‘Where there is unity there is always victory’ and together we will win.

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