Why did Amoena discontinue my favorite bra?

Of all the questions we get in our info@amoena.com Inbox, this one pops up pretty frequently: “Why did Amoena discontinue the ___ bra? It was my favorite!” We understand that it can be disappointing when the pocketed bra you’ve come to love has been “retired.” So we asked U.S. Product Manager, Valerie Esquilla, to explain why this happens:

“Every product has a ‘life-expectancy’ in the market, and sometimes we do have to discontinue certain products. Fabrics are no longer available to us, or the bra has been around several years without being a strong seller. But we typically replenish the collection with something new within a few months. The new bras have adjustments and improvements — we’re always innovating! — like technologically advanced fabrics and better fit. So it really benefits the customer to go in and try on the newer options.”

We wanted to address this question directly, so we recently created a page on our website where you can find an alternate bra that may work for you. You can print the list and take it with you to your next fit appointment, or take a look at the suggested styles online, before you shop. You should be getting new bras at least every year, anyway, to ensure a good fit. (Don’t tell us you’re wearing one you bought back in 2006!)

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3 Responses to Why did Amoena discontinue my favorite bra?

  1. Linda Keller says:

    Thank you for that information. Change is good.

  2. Lois Elson says:

    I am looking a bra that I purchased several years ago. No. 2112 .

  3. Lee says:

    Hi, Ms. Elson! A bra that’s similar to the fit of 2112 would be Annabell (2126), or the Rachel (2174/2184).

    (Hmmm. A photo is missing on that Annabell page – sorry about that – we’ll get that fixed, too!)

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